Printable Test Run

Hey Risktakers! So I’ve been looking into doing free printables for everyone. I did some reading and am giving it a try. So let me know if you guys are able to download any of the ones I post. Download Shopping List Download Weekly Meal Planner Download Weekly Planner Download Recipe   Let me know… Continue reading Printable Test Run


A.T.O.M. Cocktail

  For all my Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow fans, this one is for you. So I was at the store buying wine, like I do, and I saw watermelon mixer and it just looked really good so I got it. You can use any alcohol you want for this. I used Sauza 901. It… Continue reading A.T.O.M. Cocktail


Green Tea Mint Mojito Sangria

  Hey Risk Takers!! I know its about the end of the Summer and Fall is just about here, but I just had to get in a fun Summer Sangria before Fall was officially here. I am a huge green tea drinker and thought it would be fun to make a Sangria with green tea… Continue reading Green Tea Mint Mojito Sangria

Home Decor

DIY Platform Bed

  Hey Risk Takers!! This past weekend I decided to do my own platform bed (and by platform I mean I need a stool to even get on it). It was a lot of work but easy to do. In total it took me about 8 hours from taking apart my old bed to putting… Continue reading DIY Platform Bed


Fall is Among Us

Hey Risk Takers! Fall is coming which means I will be doing some baking of fall treats (including for the furbabies). One I am looking forward to is Caramel Apple Cider in many forms. Be on the look out for those posts. You can now subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss any posts.


Welcome to I’m Gonna Risk It

Welcome to I’m Gonna Risk It everybody! My name is Sarah and I created this blog to show people that not everything you make turns out the way you expect. It’s like those “Pinterest Fails” you see, but what my plan is, is to show you how I do things all the way through. Pictures… Continue reading Welcome to I’m Gonna Risk It